NadAuto-96 Automatic Sample System

NadAuto-96 Automatic Sample System

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NadAuto-96 Automatic Sample System is an automated workstation developed by Nanodigmbio for high-throughput sample preparation. NadAuto-96 consists of a host, supporting components and control software. The host has 30 built-in plate positions, including 2 pipette tip carriers, 3 temperature control modules, 1 heating and oscillating module, and 1 thermal cycler, which can respond to the needs of a variety of scenarios and reactions. Meanwhile, the host is equipped with three types of pipette tips (single channel, 8 channels and 32 channels) and 1 plate transfer gripper, which can be flexibly matched based on the number of samples for higher efficiency and easy transfer of plate. NadAuto-96 is applicable to automated sample processing and loading, including sample dispensing, nucleic acid extraction, nucleic acid purification, quantitative loading, DNA homogenization, sample mixing, library preparation and hybridization capture, thus enhancing laboratory efficiency.

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